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Epoxy is a substance that binds to floors; you often see it in automotive shops. Its purpose is to protect the floors from damage. But the real question here is “Is epoxy flooring waterproof?”

Why it Matters

First of all, let’s address the question as to why it matters if you have waterproof floors in the first place.
Is Epoxy Flooring Waterproof
Is Epoxy Flooring Waterproof
Many businesses use water for a variety of things. It doesn’t matter if you wash things professionally, or if you just run a kitchen that has a tap. If water keeps on hitting a floor which is not waterproof, it can damage the structural integrity of the floor, and lead to you needing to replace it. This is why business flooring is usually something that is waterproof.
Sometimes home owners will also choose to have epoxy flooring in their home to help with wear and tear over the years. Epoxy flooring can also improve home value since it is so durable.
Adding epoxy to your floors is going to be much cheaper than having to replace your floors because they’ve been damaged from water damage. Having epoxy flooring is going to be easier to clean than any carpet cleaning process you can think of!

How it Works

We’ve covered why adding waterproof epoxy paint is wise, but how is epoxy waterproof?

Epoxy is made up of all sorts of chemicals and compounds that bind onto the concrete, creating a seal that covers up any natural pores within the flooring. Think of it like adding a thin plastic sheet over your floors.
Adding a waterproof epoxy flooring for basements is going to be wise as these are often rooms which are most prone to moisture and flooding during a storm. Which leads us to the main question at hand, “is epoxy flooring waterproof”. Absolutely! Epoxy flooring is waterproof which can help with avoiding any build up of mold.

Epoxy Lasts a Long Time

This is just another way to answer your question of ‘is epoxy flooring waterproof’. The average coating of epoxy is going to last for about 25 years. So yes, epoxy flooring is waterproof. Is there any other flooring you can think of that last’s that long? Most likely not. Other flooring types can either be worn down over time and need to be replaced or they can get water logged, causing you to need to replace the flooring.
Waterproof Floor
Waterproof Floor

Waterproof Floor – is it for you?

Epoxy flooring is waterproof. It doesn’t matter if you own an automotive shop, a kitchen, or just a corner shop. You can even put it in your home to give it an aesthetic look and feel. Keeping epoxy floors clean will be a breeze. You won’t need to constantly think of how to keep your carpets clean if you don’t have them installed!
What if your home gets flooded and you have epoxy flooring? Well, that would be one less thing you would need to replace after the fact.
The last thing you want is for your floors to get water damaged.

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