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Carpet Cleaning Process

In order to preserve the health of your family and the integrity of your carpet, professional cleaners typically have a carpet cleaning process. They leverage the most advanced cleaning equipment and make use of safe cleaning agents to ensure your carpets are clean and healthy. Here’s the carpet cleaning process designed to leave behind a safe indoor environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Carpet Cleaning Process

This article goes through the step by step cleaning process you would expect when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. It details the entire process from inspection and clearing to agitation, getting rid of spots and post-inspection.


This step involves a thorough inspection and walking through the property to address any areas of concern. The cleaners also explain the processes and procedures to help you understand what to expect out of the cleaning.

Set Up & Protection

Before the cleaning process begins, the cleaners will take every precaution to protect your home. Corner guards are used to protect walls and moving blankets and walk-off mats are used for hard surfaces.


All carpeted areas are then vacuumed thoroughly. These vacuums typically have powerful motors and HEPA filters to ensure as much dust is removed from your carpet.

Stains & Treatment Options

Next, any special stains are spotted with selected professional cleaning products so it’s easy to loosen and remove them during the extraction process. Some examples of stubborn stains carpet cleaners can remove include pet urine and odor, soda, red stains, wax and gum.


This step involves moving small items out of the way and making sure your pets are safe and out of the way of any cleaning tools and equipment.


An emulsifier pretreatment is then applied all over the carpet. This is chosen for your specific type of carpet and soiling level. Treatment is a critical part of the cleaning process whether it be regular shampooing or carbonated carpet cleaning and it explains why pre-inspection is important.


At this stage, the carpet is buffed gently with a machine fitted with an oscillating brush to completely break away any grease and soil from the carpet fiber. Expert cleaners use a brush that will provide enough power to fully emulsify the dirt without damaging the carpet fibers or create carpet wicking spots.


The carpets are rinsed with hot water and concurrently wet vacuumed with a truck mount system. This extraction method is recognized as the industry standard for the most thorough cleaning you can do for your carpets.

Post Spotting

After steam cleaning, the cleaners will thoroughly spot your carpet to get rid of any stains that may have remained after extraction.


Some cleaners will utilize specialized carpet drying fans to reduce drying times, which also minimizes re-spotting, wicking and browning. In the case that your carpet looks worse after cleaning, go through the above steps on the spots one more time to remove them. 

Bottom Line

The final step of the carpet cleaning process usually involves being walked through how the cleaning went and showing what was accomplished. The cleaners may also offer recommendations and optional services such as carpet protection which helps your carpet regain its resistance to stains and maintain its integrity and appearance over time.

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