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Carpet Wicking Spots

Carpet Wicking Spots

Carpet can be a great asset for your house. It not only adds comfort and elegance to the house but it can keep the air indoor cool or warm air from getting lost through the floors. But carpets can have several problems. One of the major problems that you will notice are the carpet wicking spots. These spots can be caused due to soil accumulation in the carpet or the spilling of foods and drinks. The soil can penetrate deep into the carpet even if the carpet is cleaned regularly. You may not know, but the stains take several days to reappear again. Technically, wicking is caused due to the soil trapped in the carpet padding. 

Carpet Wicking Spots 

Carpet wicking spots are typically caused by soil trapped in the carpet padding of your home flooring and can be clean by using the right solvent. 

How to Clean the Carpet Wicking Spots?

When treating a carpet wicking stain or spot, you have to use the right solvent for a particular stain. There are many commercial wicking stain removal solutions available in the market that you can use. First you have to blot the stain with the solution. Do not rub as this can make the stain to spread and it can also damage the fibers of the carpet. Also, rubbing can push the stain further into the fibers of the carpet. Let the solution sit for a few minutes on the stains so that it can be absorbed and that your carpet is disinfected. You will notice that the stains are fading slowly. Now take a clean cloth and start blotting the area again to soak up all the excess moisture from the carpet. Then blow dry and vacuum the area to clean. You have to continue this for all the stains present in the carpet. 

How to Prevent the Carpet Wicking Spots?

When the stains are visible, it means a lot of dirt has been accumulated there. So, the best way to prevent the wicking is by cleaning up the spot or spill as soon it happens. Letting the soil or the spill to sit is one of the biggest mistakes. If you allow it to sit for a longer period, then the soil or spilled wine or food will penetrate deep into the carpet cause it difficult to remove. You must work immediately when there is any spill from the foods or drinks. Even if you notice someone is carrying mud or soil with their shoes into your carpet, clean that immediately. You need to use the vacuum cleaner at least twice or thrice every week. This will ensure that all the dust and debris that are bedded into your carpet fibers are sucked up.

Carpet Wicking Spots


So, this is how you must treat the carpet wicking spots and prevent them from occurring again. If you are not able to clean, then calling a professional carpet cleaning service can be highly beneficial. When choosing a professional carpet cleaning service make sure to choose the best with the most experienced servicemen. Your carpet is expensive and delicate. Hence, you need someone who knows carpets well and can take care of them. Having a great service for cleaning carpet will make you at complete peace of mind that your carpet is in safe hands. In the worst case scenario, you can always replace your carpet by shopping from the convenience of your home. 

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